“Good design doesn’t merely engage our senses, it urges us to dream again.”


“My family and I absolutely love our home built by Martin Cafasso. There are two things that are really special about our Cafasso home: Cafasso uses top-of-the-line materials (our home inspector and our energy auditor could not stop praising the construction of the house) and he has an artist’s vision when it comes to designing space. Every room has been carefully thought out in terms of window placement, ceiling height, flow, and functionality. Unlike many homes that we have seen in the area, this one is both beautiful and it works! We are very, very happy in it.” — Emily , Owner

Our work begins by listening.  Every home, each site and all neighborhoods have a story to tell.  They speak to us in a cacophony of styles and  historical contexts.  And they confide in us their aspirations and conceits.   We see it as our first mission to distill these many threaded narratives into their essential elements of scale and volume, of prospect and refuge,  of color and of light. Only then may we begin to assemble a site specific, forward thinking design that both compliments and elevates its environment.


Cafasso Design Group offers a full complement of  contract design services. We are a dedicated Collaborative of like minded Architects, Designers, Artisans and Craftsmen assembled from virtually every discipline of the Decorative and Building Arts. From concept to completion, CDG can coordinate and execute every aspect of your project internally to ensure the most exacting standards of quality and professional integrity.   Whether you wish to build a home, renovate a home,  or commission a piece or suite of furniture, we have the experience, expertise and patience to partner with you to transform your ideas into bespoke living environments.



We at CDG are committed to be responsible stewards of our world’s resources. To us, this means things like  continually seeking out and adopting building methods, insulating materials and heating and cooling systems which help reduce the carbon footprint of each of our  projects.  We  have partnered with several small family owned mills to insure we build with responsibly and sustainably grown and harvested wood products.  We also endeavor where possible to use post-consumer recyclable building materials.


Martin Cafasso
Martin Cafasso, Principal

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